Marijuana Legalization Status in Thailand

The Thai Health Ministry has completed the first draft of the new Cannabis-Hemp Act, which aims to tighten regulations around the use of cannabis in Thailand. This draft legislation is an update and amendment to the initial version, and it comprises around 70 sections, modified from the original draft of 94 sections​​.

Cannabis Advertising Rules in Thailand

When it comes to cannabis advertising in Thailand, the rule of thumb is "keep it low-key." While the Land of Smiles has opened up to legal cannabis, the advertising game still plays by some strict rules. Let's dive into the world of Thai cannabis advertising and see how to navigate it like a pro.

Cultivating cannabis in Thailand's unique environment can be a rewarding experience with the right strains at your disposal. Whether you're embracing local landrace strains, relying on the quick growth of autoflowers, or opting for hybrids that suit your specific needs, there's a cannabis variety that can thrive in the Thai tropics.

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